Wednesday, June 16, 2010

This Grease is Freaking Me Out

Perhaps it’s a plain old neurotic personality. Little things bother me. (Toenail fungus, temperature, loud voices, chunky flows of income as opposed to smooth, garlic where it should not be…)

And then for weeks, I pretty much ignored the oil mess. I have read that going into denial is a coping mechanism and while it is often derided, it is actually an adaptive behavior that has come in very handy for us for survival.

So I’ve been a bit in denial, thinking, “Hell, they’ll put a lid on it.”

But shit. They really have no plan to do anything until they get those new wells drilled, hitting their destination by August.

It’s a monster movie.

The monster is oil.

And will it really be taken care of by August? Over six weeks away? While all these gorgeous animals are either being sucked into the ooze or fleeing, wildly, into cleaner, shallow water away from the mess where they should not be—

So my non-regulation, free enterprise at all cost friends, what say ye? Is this just the cost of doing business?

And, to my regulation friends, how do you regulate this? What is the precedent, even, and how do you know that a company knows what they are doing?

Shit happens? Oil happens?

I am not in denial any longer. I am sad and terrified. Mostly because I do not think we will learn from this. O rings (The Challenger disaster due to poor management at NASA, 1986) is what comes to mind.


R P said...

Not another single event has bothered me more. I am more of an animal person because well I at times think we as humans have made our beds (SUV'S FOR EVERYONE!) I mean really the money was lovely Obama...glad you served them up a slice of oiled up pie, BUT why didn't we step in sooner to oversee the disaster. I mean letting BP control their own mess for as long as we did was insane. I am horrified and not in denial.

Todd HellsKitchen said...

I can't watch any of this...

Don Cummings said... we are.