Monday, September 13, 2010


I am happy to share my happiness about having visited Iceland.

It’s a world in reverse. The air is cold but you go swimming in heated rivers and pools.

The people are lovely and beautiful, but also insular and somewhat dorky.
(There’s nothing more fun than watching an Icelandic guy laugh---while his soul resists it—so the herking and jerking of the body gets a full work out.)

The food is horrendous outside of the capitol, but inside city limits, it’s pretty great.

Iceland is a cold Hawaii. It’s a volcanic experience.

Saw the big scar of the huge volcano that delayed the planes.

Notice how I am not typing anything in the language of Iceland?

What is fun is they have a few letters in their alphabet that we don’t have. A strange looking “p” that sounds like the th of thick. And a curled up “d” with a little tail that sounds like the th in the. And a bunch of vowel things. Of course, when you see something that looks like Porsmork---you call it Porsmork (or Porsmindy) or in my final naming, Porksmear. But really, it sounds something like Thorsmurk.

There is so much beauty in Iceland, you just cannot believe it.

The people are sturdy, extremely egalitarian, but also a bit superior in their attitude of their country (not so much their culture).

Their water is, truly, the best I’ve ever tasted.

Sometimes there, you see someone who is so attractive, you just cannot believe it. Like a driver or a cashier or anything at all. Shocking.

Sheep. Lots of sheep.

Iceland has the highest literacy rate of any country on earth: 100%.

Also, the longest life expectancy.

The flight is shorter than any other flight to Europe, but it’s still longish, much of it over Canada.

Reykjavik is a young town. If you are olderish, hang out at Café Rosenberg. Great music.

I also suggest the 1PM daily, free walking tour that meets near the main Info booth.

I love the holes and vents and gurgling mud and spitting water and all that. Makes me happy to know that our planet is still fuming.

Spending hours in a huge lake of hot water is always a great time. It is so relaxing. Can’t wait to return.

Really, go. You must.

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John B said...

OK - you've got me. I've added Iceland to the list.

Istanbul, Budapest, Prague are ahead of it though. I have to get in my Southeastern European trips!