Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wet Like a Rain Forest

It feels like the rain forest of Hawaii in New York City. Or the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State.

You know, writing about the weather is probably not such an interesting thing to do.

On the other hand, one does get wet and greasy.

I do not remember it being like this growing up on the East Coast, but then again, I was not living right in New York City (which is naturally a beaver and snapping turtle swamp) and I was not lugging around the weight I must lug now.

Kids slice through weather more readily. Adults sort of have it just stick to them. It is one of the disadvantages of age.

Extremely moist weather is, quite simply, a bummer. On the other hand, the sinuses are grateful.

I am, too. And when the big storm blows through on Thursday, a dry cooling will follow. Thank goodness.

Which means it will be time to talk about taxes. Friends---let’s be generous. It won’t kill us to be a little more collective.

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