Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Consortium of Corporations Called U.S.A.

Everywhere I turn, something is being sold that is either purely organic or sustainable or even better, magic.

It’s like you practically read signs along the turnpike, “OUR SLUDGE that we pour into your drinking water is completely organic. After we use this solvent to remove the lead paint from the surface of tons of Polypropylene Benzene washed engine parts, we wave a wand and it turns into omega-3 enhanced edible sludge. You could feed it to your autistic baby and it will be healed and grow up to major in macro economics at Harvard.”

Could all this bullshit be true?

People will sell you anything in this country.

Furthermore, my Android phone, what on earth are you made of? Are you the future replacement of all flesh?

I touch heat-carbon receipts and I can feel my liver curl.

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Todd HellsKitchen said...

I try to avoid Corporations... Am pulling my money out of Bank of America this week... they disgust me... Am self-censoring corporate media, and i always choose a local mom and pop over a corporate chain on a constant basis... But I know I'm the minority!