Thursday, January 23, 2014

Anasazi Over Eighth

This is our last weekend in our midtown shack.

It has been felt and discussed that we have lived like the Anasazi cliff dwellers in New Mexico. Carved into the side of a canyon, we clung for life.

Slotted on earth.

Both demoralizing and enlivening at once.

Thankful for:

The convenience to any train or other vehicle out of here at any moment.

Big suburban appliances.

24 hour everything.

One key, one lock. Doorman plays sentry.

Big from stem to stern. Felt like a roller rink. Kind of.

Always wanted to be in the exact middle of things.

And done.

See you with stories from the Northern end. #ManhattanPastoral

Stay warm. And free.

Thank you, white whale, for a strong jaunt looking west. It was never meant to be forever. Thanks for not being too clingy. Leaving on good terms.


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