Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I Married A Walrus

Our apartment has radiators all over the place. I think maybe this building was originally designed to be a hatchery for baby chicks?

Luckily, they can be turned off, separately.

Now that we've moved from a "Loft Like Alcove Studio" into a proper place with hallways and doors, I can keep some heat going and my walrus husband, high over the ice-chunking Hudson, can keep the bedroom door shut (while I vampire it) with the heater completely off. You can almost see your breath in there. I am afraid that uptown necrophiliacs will mistaken him for a love object.  But I digress...

The beauty of being able to have different heating zones is quite fine. And when I do end up joining the sleeping area each night--I throw on my extra blankets and we sleep like the damned. No one should have to sleep in a heated room. It's just too life destroying.

The chilled sleeping works well. I am glad I married a walrus.  Even if he is full of abalone.

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