Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Polar Schmortex

When I was a kid, we called this weather condition, "Winter."

It's not like we were made of tough stuff. Our feet got cold. Our noses froze. It was truly uncomfortable. But frankly, it was just how life was.

We never did not go outside because it was too cold. And it was this cold, at times.

Frankly, if you don't embrace what it is like outside, how can you really call yourself an existentialist or a person?

I felt compelled to be on the streets today. First, because I had a couple of things I had to do, but secondly, it seemed like the perfect day to get my hair done. My great stylist in Chelsea surely would have an opening on a day like today because people would be dropping like flies, afraid of a little weather. I could call last minute and get an appointment, and I did.

Then, naturally, Fred and I had lots of time to talk since everyone else was in hiding. He gave my hair extra sauce and spent over an hour sculpting it into something bobbed and not unsightly. A perk to the big freeze. Additionally, we got to know each other better. He was born in Italy, in the same province where my grandmother's family came from, Avellino. He said the place is loaded with crooks. He didn't charge me for the hair sauce and I gave him a large tip.

I came home and worked on this thing I'm working on for a couple hours and then humped out to Brooklyn for my Tuesday night writing extravaganza. Was it cold? Sure. Did I lose the tip of my nose? Not even close.

The news is making us afraid of things. And people use the weather as an excuse to fear life. I say--get the hell out of the house and get your hair cut! Or something. Put on your long underwear and an extra pair of wool socks and you'll frigging live.

I love when NYC is overrun with nature's desires. It brings people back to their basic selves. I fear that people fear revealing who they are, really.

Extreme weather can make you kind. And warm.

More vortexes. Sure. Anytime. We'll survive.

(As for my Northern Midwestern friends: Please stay inside and pretend you didn't read this.)

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