Tuesday, January 21, 2014

What I Like About Winter

It snows.

Everything is basically dead.

No allergies.

It’s cold and you know it.

Crocuses start to show up the end of February, especially in sunny spots.

You can stay inside and get things done and not feel like you are missing anything.

The air is clean, fresh, you name it. It’s fantastic.

You feel the water table is rising.

People, and other things, are not so loud.

Pot Roast is an option.

You get to wear big heavy boots that make you feel powerful.

Time slows down.

Every day, after December 21 or so, gets longer.

You can rely on Ground Hog Day to always yield the answer, “Yes, there will be more winter.” So you get to keep enjoying the cold.

Weather struggles galvanize purpose.

Children like the snow and they are often brave in this weather.

Other people complain but you can feel smug about your good circulatory system.

You can lean up against a heater or a fireplace and appreciate it.

Bing television watching was made for this time of year.

You burn more calories just sitting still.

You can then, obviously, eat more cheese.

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