Monday, January 13, 2014

The Unbearable Disorientation of Moving

Though the news is mostly good and we are looking forward to living on the Hudson in a quiet apartment, we have managed, in this maze of movement, to make some stupid mistakes because we are in new territory and off our centers.

1. I bought a ticket for a friend to see a play with us this past Saturday night. All excited to see her, I texted her a "See you at 6."  She went, ??  I went, Tell me you're joking. She called. She isn't going to be here for two more weeks. I just mis-shoved her schedule. Years ago, I bought a plane ticket for a trip I was taking a week later than I purchased. There was no excuse for that one.

2. Relying on the A train has been completely fine and we get to midtown in 18 minutes and it is no big deal. We have done it often. However, on our way to a screening on Sunday evening with plenty of time to get to the lower east side, the A train took forever to show, went local, and only got us to Columbus Circle. By then, the Screening was about to begin. We had to bail, figuring it would be more rude to show up toward the end than to not show up at all. Nasty. And we really wanted to see this flick. We were very close to it. Disappointing.

3. I just went online to do the address change thing. I've done it before. The post office. It costs $1. I was scammed by some other unofficial site, which charged me $39.95. Now, I have to go fight with these numskulls, if not, too, cancel my credit card and start over.

Well, it's lose your rhythm. It makes sense to lose it at a time like this. Humans. The new place is clean and we are about to pack up our rental.

Mistakes were made. There will be more. I think I left my shoes in the refrigerator.

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Todd HellsKitchen said...

The Address Change thing?? You get snail mail?? A dying art form. I miss it. Enjoy your new "Home".