Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The Train Platform

I drive as little as possible in Los Angeles because it has become impossible to move in traffic. Usually, I walk the residential side streets because of the trees, the quiet and most of the cars are parked instead of moving. Yesterday, because I wanted a snack, I walked along Santa Monica Boulevard for eleven blocks just West and East of Fairfax. Besides the horror of smelling nail polish salons that were spewing their toxic stench onto the sidewalk and the spray paint of a body shop that almost shut down my immune system, the thing that was the most constant annoyance was a large cement mixing truck that was making its way down Santa Monica Boulevard at the same rate I was walking. I am not kidding. And I do not have long legs. We were together the whole time. It was loud, it was polluting, and it was sad. I actually felt bad for the guy who was driving the truck. Of course, I felt even worse for me.

With that being said, I am so glad that Villagairosa is going to be our next mayor. It seems.
And the first thing he said on the tube last night, after a few hurrahs, is that he is going to get traffic moving again. He has huge plans to expand the train system. Let's get on board!!!

First of all, look at this:

Train Efficiency

The good news is, the Expo line is already happening. So look out Culver City, here we come. Scroll down to the map.

Expo Line

Did you hipsters in Silver Lake and Sunset Junction know that you are one day going to be able to take a "Streetcar named El Monte"? Bet on it. Stella!
(Great news for those who work in Rosemead)

Silver Line

And talk about a green giant. Look what the green line people want to do. Scroll down to the map. It shows a great future for Los Angeles. I like the extension of the red line going through Beverly Hills and Westwood. Wouldn't you just love to never drive through Beverly Hills or Westwood ever again?

Green Line

Friends, when they make us vote on bond issues for all these trains, give your ballot a reverse Nancy R. JUST SAY YES!!!!!

Happy riding. Happy reading. Put that damn car away.


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