Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Another by M. Karlen

Notice how this painting is more concrete. The line more deliberate. The flatness.

The malaise.

This painting kind of makes me want to stop everything and sit outside, naked. Because there just isn't much time left.

I like the rock wall (or is it logs?). Again, the pit underground. The animal, but this time standing.

This scenario is very strong, filled with a certain need for escape. Look at the window. It makes me want to drive fast. Or maybe hit someone with a moldy pumpkin.


Rebecca Waring said...

This one is my favorite of the Deception series. So powerful. Here's what I wrote to sister Sarah about them:

Check out Don's blog today - he has a sample of his friend Megan's artwork. She sent some pics to me last week and they devastated me. The dead trees and the lost-looking buck underground. It's just how I feel - the split between my day job and the 'real' me. The powerful animal - the natural self - driven underground. It can't possibly survive there. The despair in those paintings - it's palpable.

Dan said...

They look like cars to me, maybe a traffic jam or the place they tow cars to. It's great.

I wish I had a moldy pumpkin thrown at me.

Todd HellsKitchen said...

She does good work!


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