Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Strange Animal in a Box Rides the Subway

One of the highlights of this Christmas season was buying an appliance for our new apartment in Jackson Heights, Queens. We decided to go into Herald Square on December 31, during a very romantic, large flaked snow fall. Looking up at the Empire State Building in the snow was so lovely. (Please, no one knock this one down.)

Using a gift card for Macy's that we received from my brother and his wife, we bought this strange machine. It microwaves. It toasts. It bakes. It grills. It's a wild animal with a goat body and a salmon head.

As the snow continued, with rain mixed in, we lugged the beast back to our apartment on the F train out to the Roosevelt Avenue stop, switched to the 7 train for one stop to 82nd Street and took turns carrying the heavy animal up to our apartment. Ah, New York. At least it wasn't a refrigerator.

When we got home and plugged it in, it actually did work. It boils water and also toasts bagels.

Sharp Warm & Toasty

NYC Subway Map


Dan said...

That's what great about the Third World - the little things in life like buying a toaster and taking it home are romantic.

Welcome back to civilization.

RebeccaW said...

Wow - I might have to replace Grandma Malin's toaster with one of these.

Mr. H.K. said...

Fancy that!