Thursday, January 05, 2006

So Nice, Had to Eat there Twice

Okay, it is no secret that Jackson Heights is an ethnically loaded area disguised as a historical garden apartment neighborhood. feels a lot like a suburb of London.

So, it is no surprise that some of the best Indian food and markets in this country are in Jackson Heights. And the place to eat some of the most delicious Indian food ever?

Jackson Diner. The name doesn't say it all. Apparently, this is the left over name of the former business. These wry Indians kept the name and turned the place into a palace of delicious eating.

I ate there for the first time with my oldest friend, Megan, who is also our cozy neighbor. It was delicious.

Then, Adam (my recognized by the state of California Domestic Partner) and I and our friends John and Kathy (who introduced us over twelve years ago) and their two little girls, Julia and Dinah, ate there. Delicious again.

We even had lentil pancakes. Yum.

Jackson Diner 1

Jackson Diner 2

Jackson Diner 3


Mr. H.K. said...

I'm delighted to read that you are enjoying your new little bi-coastal neighborhood home so much!

RebeccaW said...

Me too. That neighborhood just sounds so charming.