Sunday, January 08, 2006

Jackson Heights Artist: Megan Karlen

Megan Karlen is an abstract expressionist painter residing in Jackson Heights, Queens, New York. Landscapes and forms from nature are the inspiration for many of Ms. Karlen's paintings in layered, often ominous portraits of the world.

Karlen's use of color is what strikes me most about her paintings. It also helps that I love hoofed mammals, especially goats. Even if the goats are buried, giving rise to the repetitive trees above, trees that disguise the difficult terror beneath the ground.

I also am horrified by yet drawn to the large empty cavern with what looks like the tube of viscera on the right side. Perhaps it is an artery? Or a duodenum? Further decay. Yet somehow this decay is forceful and pleasing.

I think it best to not over think Megan Karlen's paintings...They seem to be created with a force that is not analyzed. So it seems best to experience them at a natural, first-view, gut-child level. The color gives joy. The composition ceases rational thought. The overall effect is stunning in the way a harvest moon fills us with awe, fear and happiness.

This painting and many others in the link below are for sale. When in Jackson Heights or from the privacy of your own home, consider adding a unique creative dimension to your home, business or public space.

Megan Karlen Paintings

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RebeccaW said...

I so love this artist's work!