Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ding Dong the Witch is Lame

My prediction for Bush-the-Lesser? He will act like a spoiled child. “If you don’t do what I want, I’m going back to Crawford to clear brush.” And off he’ll go. With his devil tail between his legs.

The bastard.

What was so interesting about tonight’s returns was watching the happy faces on CNN and the glum ones on Fox News.

You know, Democrats are humanists and Republicans are greedy slobs. So it seems. To watch those newscasters on Fox get all glum because the satiation of their bottomless appetites will soon be thwarted, you just want to say, “Go home and overeat, you pigs.”

This greedy nature of conservatives disguised in Calvinist righteousness is so sour and so sickening. I do understand that human nature becomes very big animal behavior in the den of unconscious men. The cloven-hoofed, curly-tailed oinkers can’t help themselves. They are such fearful swine. They even sanction murder in the name of war so they can drive their huge cars. And truly, they are just responding to some lizard portion of their brain—aching for an endless feast of crickets. It’s pathetic and it needs to end. Good riddance.

The new setup is heartwarming.

I can’t wait to watch that prick, Bush, squirm. And that spitfire Pelosi is just the happening babe to hook that worm.

Go back to Crawford, idiot. And take Cheney Cow and Rove Sow with you.

We are done with you. You made us all smaller, older and sadder. You were a tyrant. And now your party is over. Go wash your filthy, bloodstained dress.


Rebecca Waring said...

Nancy Pelosi is from Baltimore. Her father and her brother were both mayors. She IS a happening babe. I love her. I can't wait. Snip, snip.

JP (mom) said...

Thank goodness sanity took hold in the hands of the electorate. Death to BushCo.

Go Pelosi and the rest of the dems!

Anonymous said...