Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Question Is

Why do people naturally concentrate power and then push it upward?

The boss assumes power over the actions of the employees, including objectives and schedules. The money moves upward to the boss, owners, too, which makes them more powerful.

And people seem to like this structure. It must be inherent in the biology of the pecking order.

If we are to accept human nature, then perhaps this needs to be accepted, too. However, this setup makes so many people so unhappy. And, it gives the power class too much, well, power. And frankly, most of them do not use it for the good. They seem to use their power to try to insure even greater power for themselves and for their genetic line. The ultimate expression of greed is devastation.

So couldn't we accept this pecking order, this paying-it-upward model since people seem to want to do it anyway? But then really see it for what it is and control and regulate the hell out of it? Based upon the greater health of society and the planet?


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