Tuesday, November 14, 2006

November 14, 1979

Today was good. I went outside for soccer, we had an assembly 8th period for this group- Free Wheelin, After school I had play rehearsal, Eileen brought me home. I did Physics homework, I slept 2 hours, ate, read a real lot, and tonight I sold concessions with the senior class. We had a pisser. Miss Sliffman talks about anything, the horny thing. It was a good day. Goodnight.

Miss Sliffman was the teacher who was the advisor to the senior class government. I was friends with many of these people. There was a train link of subset crossover between student government/honor society/theatre/choir. It was a lot of good students/geeks/Jews/fags and not many jocks or burnouts.
I was rehearsing for the play Murder on the Nile.
I played the embittered communist.
I think Free Wheelin was some odd jazz fusion band or something like that. I guess I should mention at this time that the first real concert I ever went to was Chuck Mangione. It was in Chatauqua, New York, a spiritual retreat settlement. While Chuck played there was a lot of knitting going on.


Rebecca Waring said...

Chuck Mangione sat in my station and stiffed me when I was a cocktail waitress. My first concert was Jackson Browne, who played in my high school gymnasium when I was 14. Linda Ronstadt and the Stone Ponies was the opener. I wish I could have seen you as the embittered communist.

HelenBach said...

My first concert was Chicago at Rockland County Community College. I was Seth Singer's date. When he tried to kiss me I fell asleep.

the last noel said...

Chuck Mangione. Wow. That's not a name I hear about too often.