Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Supreme Thought on this Foolish Day in April

 With DOMA most likely repealed and the Feds then simply recognizing any marriages from any state that has a marriage in it, will it not be bizarre for the Feds to have two classes of marriages out there? Won’t they work on DOMA and then, logically get to the repealing of Prop 8 with some sort of thinking that goes, “Well, I mean, this is nuts. We’ve basically made gay marriage federally legal by repealing DOMA and now we’re going to let the states fill in the rest? Sort of silly. And yeah, this is not the same as Roe v Wade. No “babies” are being harmed with this one. So, yeah, we’re going to repeal Prop 8 on equal protection and then, we’re going to apply it all over the place.”   //   Then, Scalia finally comes out of the closet and the rest of the country agrees that High Speed trains are not only cool, but they are economy builders.   April Fools on those two.

But let's pretend it's April 2. How can you repeal DOMA and then say, "And yeah...let the rest of the states decide the rest of the gay population. We're too afraid to do it."  Nah. They repeal DOMA, they're going to equally protect all citizens of all states. And wisely, they will let the media do all the work. They will hand down DOMA first, quickly...then wait a little bit-- a brilliant gay fire. 

Move On Dot Org. Come on.

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