Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Equal Please

It has been a while since I have written about the plight of my people: the gay suckers who continue to pay more taxes, spend more on legal fees and have less marrying rights than our straight counterparts.

Now, I know all of you readers of my blog are on the side of equal marriage rights. So please...do not feel like I am wagging a finger.

This is what I am wagging:  There really is nothing left and almost no one left who is opposed to what is the obvious future. However, conservative energy--reflexively and oddly entrenched in the molecules of the minds of some supreme court justices (which is simply encrusted fear) could gum up the works.

People who do not adjust to change are alien to me. But I would be foolish to think that reason will always prevail in a species that is often overtaken by age old swollen brain parts.

From The Raw Story:

A study at University College London in the UK has found that conservatives’ brains have larger amygdalas than the brains of liberals. Amygdalas are responsible for fear and other “primitive” emotions. At the same time, conservatives’ brains were also found to have a smaller anterior cingulate — the part of the brain responsible for courage and optimism.

Of course, this is just mean of me to post...this little paragraph. On the other hand, it just feels to be so true.
I feel so calm when I talk about gay marriage and terrorism. I am not even afraid of guns that much. Hell, I'm a high school graduate and survived.

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