Wednesday, March 27, 2013

You Are Invited: Funny Pages, April 18 8PM, Brooklyn

Adam and I will be presenting at The Old Stone House in Brooklyn on April 18.

Perhaps you live in Brooklyn, have heard of Brooklyn, have dated someone who hales, heartily, from the borough or just wish weekend subway work wasn't so punishing.

Funny Pages is always a good time.

Adam is going to read a funny piece.
Marian is hosting and doing lots of funny things.
I'm going to do some funny songs.
And other funny stuff.
That's funny, six times already, in one invitation. Could this be overselling? Come decide.

April 18
Old Stone House, Park Slope, Brooklyn
336 Third Street, Brooklyn NY  11215
No rez necessary. Five bucks at the door.
Map to it

This is the actual venue. Nothing funny about it at all, right?
What if there was a plaque that read, "Washington thought about sleeping here?"
That's almost funny. If someone funny were to say it at the right moment, it would be funny.

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