Sunday, March 10, 2013

TV is so Current

I am not a prude, they say.
So there I was---(And this is all a Spoiler alert about GIRLS…so stop here now if you care to).
And here it is.
I think it made sense for the excellent Adam Driver as Adam Sackler to make that annoying new girlfriend crawl on all fours to his bedroom so he could do her from behind and then shoot a good young load of cum on her tits. A nice goodbye to her.
It feels good to be able to write such a thing, that it is normal to have television shows depict sex in its many styles.
It was a surprise to me, to see such a load on T.V.  This show is very popular. The HBO people are not messing with it.
It is a true testament to your arrival as a creator when the gate keepers and distributors allow you to present spooge-boobs. (No relation to Sponge Bob).
I don’t know if close-ups on ejaculate are the future of television. What’s next? Female orgasmic ejaculate? Sure.
We were eating chocolate cake when it happened. It was delicious, from Amy’s Bakery on Ninth Avenue.
I can’t wait to see what happens next week. 

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