Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I Hate to Make it Personal

Maybe the days of American Exceptionalism are over.

Plus---it was German Romantic Nationalists who came to conclude that such a thing was possible to define. And we know what happens when Germans get too Romantic about defining a nation as being exceptional…maybe the worst example, ever.

Friends, we had our run.

What is left is a government that does not work, a citizenry that is cynical and exhausted and a television bill for 150 bucks per month, if you’re lucky.

Usually, domestic life becomes more meaningful when a country falls apart. Though, more households are single now than ever before, both in number and in percentage of total population. Domesticity becomes a mad dash to the computer for intimacy---like some sentimental scene from an old timey futuristic movie about a space man video-calling home.

We are divided, poor and alone. Not even the mega church down the street can fix that.

But on a positive note—if we eat enough humble pie, we might become more balanced. And if we become more balanced, we may look back on this time as a heaving great shift to sanity.

Sanity takes some doing.

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