Thursday, June 23, 2005

Morgan Spurlock, We Hardly Knew Ye

Unfortunately your piece didn't make the final cut. I feel so bad. It had nothing to do with you guys. The show ended up focusing on religion and what the Bible says and we ended up not tackling the gay marriage issue. I hope you know I really appreciate you guys participating and I hope it was at least fun meeting Morgan.

TV sucks sometimes. Sorry


So there it is. You go to the beauty parlor and get your hair all done up. You shave your legs. You put out tasty snacks and coffee. And at the end of the day, it’s all about the Bible.

As far as it being fun meeting Morgan...I just don’t know. I mean, he was in, he was out, he certainly wasn’t fat. But fun meeting someone? I never think it’s that fun meeting new people.

At the end of the day, I figure this is the reality: How sympathetic are two middle aged guys, together for eleven years, living in their little gay bungalow, with their absurdly cute dog, how is that really compelling? Glance at us and you’re like, “Yeah, man, these guys are so downtrodden. We have to get out there and make sure they can marry.”

Plus, American television needs to reflect American life. And isn’t it really all about the Bible?


Jeff Kaufman said...

You don't think it was fun to meet a celebrity?

And "TV sucks sometimes" is quite the understatent. I hear Albert Einstein was good at math sometimes, too.

Anonymous said...

"Plus, American television needs to reflect American life. And isn’t it really all about the Bible?"

Amen to that. Brother Don!!

Todd HellsKitchen said...

"Hope it was fun to meet Morgan?"

Was that supposed to be a joke? Please!

I have been watching that show though, and I do like it...

This week was a guy that started on steroids til he killed all his sperm... and his wife had a fit...

Now he's doing the South Beach Diet and he's swimming more...

I never did see the Super Size Me film... I'll put it on my Netflix list!