Tuesday, June 07, 2005

New Animals in the Zoo

In the brain of the human beast, there seems to be two driving forces which affect the mind and generosity level with regard to how one of the beasts interacts with another of its species.

One certain drive is for the survival of the individual beast.
The other certain drive, also known by scientists as the altruistic impulse, is for the survival of the collection of beasts. These drives affect both thinking and action.

Every beast, if asked, will readily admit to the inner stirrings of the individual drive and the collective drive. And every beast, if asked, will have very strong opinions on how these drives manifest in their thinking and in their actions.

What is interesting to note is how clearly a line of demarcation forms within the beast mob and one can clearly witness two very distinct subcategories of being and how the beasts will assemble according to this difference. How the individual and the collective drives of these beasts express themselves with regard to thinking and action forms the basis of the political divide.

In our culture, the more liberal beasts are for individual thinking and collective property.

The more conservative beasts are for collective thinking and individual property.

So, we could rename the political parties to reflect the expression of the drives of these two different personality types in human terms. We could let the Democrats be known as the Thinkers and let the Republicans be known as the Idiots.

But I have a feeling these names won't hold. So instead of trying to change the names of the parties, let us change the animal symbols which represent them and let the Democrats be depicted as the Share Bears and let the Republicans be drawn as the Greedy Pigs.

Then, we can push the donkey and the elephant back out onto the grasslands where they came from and let our new political animals, the bear and the pig, omnivores both, create jobs in the manufacturing of new banners, new t-shirts and new carved mascots for the knickknack shelf. Whether you are a sweet little bear or a big fat pig, who can argue with new jobs? Growl. Oink.



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