Monday, February 27, 2006

Civil War

As soon as the Neo-Cons started the lies about WMD and made their push to invade a country that was never a threat to us, it became SO CLEARLY EVIDENT that this action would lead to one thing: Civil War

It was the first thing that came to my mind.

Since I am not a political pundit, but merely a guy who can sometimes connect the dots within a large landscape, I think it would not be overreaching to assume that Civil War was one of the outcomes the Neo-Cons considered. A Civil War, of course, will bring Iran into the quagmire in a very earthy way. All along in this circus, was the plan to fail with security? To maybe even foment mosque attacks so an even bigger mess of Civil War would tease Iran into the big top? And if so, was it not Right-Wing mad genius to bide their bumbling time while things got even worse so the enormous problems of both Iraq AND Iran could ultimately be met in one big, horrible blood bath? (Knocking out two countries in the Axis of Evil?) Is this not the End-of-Days, clash-of-the-cultures that the earth has been waiting for since Byzantium collapsed?

And in our arrogance, are we not the horrible pigs who are the only ones powerful enough on this earth to do all this? Perhaps bringing the Middle East into the post-Renaissance?

I am not saying I agree with any of it. But, could this have been the intent all along?

And if so, do we have any faith that this plan will work?

We do not understand these people of the camels and chickpeas. As this conflict grows more insane, I do not have faith that we can make things over in our grabby image.

Where the HELL are we going?


Dan said...

Once again Mr. Cellophane Man, I think you are on to something good (other than your life partner). The Christians were right all along: Bush and Jesus have been talking and the Apocalypse Is Now.

There's really only one thing we can do, and my friend did it during 1992 LA Uprising (Riots) and I wished I had joined her - go to Yamashiro's, have a drink, and watch it all burn. If you don't live in LA, head for high ground and grab a cocktail.

RebeccaW said...

It's funny, when I read the first sentence I thought you meant that we would have a civil war. And I felt glad. We should have let them go the first time. Now I want to leave. I would be perfectly happy for Maryland to secede. And I'm glad to know that Yamashiro's is still there - I remember that place.