Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Plug: And the World Goes 'Round

Friends, I am reprising my role as Mr. Cellophane. Haven't I always been transparent?
Back in Little Rock, Arkansas, in 1994, I was in this show. The best part about it: visiting Eureka Springs. Cool town.

Full details below. Note: Friday nights are mostly for subscribers and would-be board members. So, if I were you, I'd go Saturday night or Sunday afternoon.
Also note: If you go on March 5, you will be out in time for the Oscars.

I can tell you this about And the World Goes 'Round. It's Kander & Ebb music (Chicago, Cabaret, etc.). A bevy of really good singers will entertain you. I will be singing, playing piano, plucking the guitar and rubbing up against an ample bosomed woman in the song, Money Makes the World Go 'Round. A jazzy rendition of Cabaret in the style of Manhattan Transfer is probably the most interesting musical number. There is dancing. The performers are haggish and faggish. This show was a bit tired when I did it twelve years ago. But hell, it's self contained and cheap to produce. And there it is.
The lights will be dim. The seating will be at tables for four in a large, open brick warehouse that used to be a sweat shop.

The sponsor is Pinky Vodka and as this is a fund raiser, the pushy wait staff will be encouraging you to buy plenty of Pinky-based drinks. Money raised will be used to convert the really cool space into a theatre. Worth seeing this hangar before it gets converted. And we're right behind an Armenian social club for men(or are those hairy beasts women? Who knows?) One of the "guys" was smoking from a tobacco filled hookah on the sidewalk the other night. I wanted to snatch it from him.

Come on down. You might as well.



RebeccaW said...

Break a leg! Wish I could be there to see the show. BTW - you've lost a lot of weight - you look great!

HelenBach said...

Wait a minute, you're in Little Rock right now? I'm so confused. In any event, break a leg too!

HelenBach said...

Oh Jeez - I just looked at the link. I'm not confused anymore. Still, break a leg agin.

Don Cummings said...

Note to all commentors:

1. I am in LA
2. That picture of me is from 1994
3. The planet spins and the world goes round.

Dan said...

I've shared a hookah with those gents on the sidewalk. They are Arabs, mostly Egyptian. They kept telling me I was their brother. They thought my brother was Austrian. And then right in the street an SUV fishtails and the driver jumps out fires three shots with a shiny gun at the car behind him. The Egyptian owner ushered us inside to where it was safe, but sat us right in the window.

HelenBach said...

This is a funny one!