Tuesday, February 07, 2006


I hate Radiohead.

I tried. A few people told me, "You'd really like them."

I bought Ok Computer a while back.

Someone bought me Hail to the Thief.

Having only listened to the CDs one time each (sort of) well over a year ago, I decided, during our reorganization of our CD collection (we tossed the old CD racks and bulky jewel cases and put the CDs in thin sleeves, in boxes) to give them another try.

I'm just not there. Yeah, yeah, I know. Post-apocalyptic. And alienation. And down-with-everything. I just can't.

And the same tone again and again. It's like a skit from Saturday Night Live.

And the song titles?

Climbing Up the Walls (I sure did.)

Sit Down. Stand Up. (This one was so reptitive and foolish, I had to lay down.)

We suck Young blood (Why bother?)

I know this youngish guy who writes music and records it in his apartment. He's a decent musician. His stuff is just like this Radiohead nihilism.

I guess we could be headed for total ruin and the only thing to do is to whine and feel awful. But man, I'd rather listen to the moronic stylings of the Bee Gees.

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HelenBach said...

Ok, that's where I take offense. The Bee Gees are so much better than people remember. What's that song about morning or the sun coming up? I get completely one with the world when I listen to that.