Friday, February 17, 2006

I Love Widgets

I am not a shill for Yahoo. But Dan Kaufman, my friend, introduced me to Widgets and I have to say, I love them. Little special things that sit on your desktop. I particularly like Picture Frame--which randomly presents pictures from your files in a cute little box. I also love my Weather Widget.

I can only imagine that these things are sitting on my desktop collecting all sorts of information about me. But hell, at least I get to see the thousands of pictures I have taken and I always know what the weather is in Jackson Heights, Queens.

Maybe this is nothing new to you. But they are to me. Check them out. You hate them, you can delete the Yahoo Widget Folder from your computer.


1 comment:

Mr. H.K. said...

I'm pretty pissed with Yahoo right now after they "sold out" to the Chinese government some information that lead to the arrest of several dissidents...

But I'm sure these Widgets are great, because YOU have such excellent taste in everything!