Sunday, February 05, 2006

Things I Considered over the Weekend

1. Pride is the greatest stupidity of the human species. Christianity offered the whole "turn the other cheek" thing. Of course, this idea has been flouted by everyone on earth, including the frigging Christians.

2. Iran, in their stupid posturing, will soon be toast. Why not, at this point?

3. The Arabs want Israel to be toast. I feel more afraid for Israel now than I have ever felt in my life.

4. After WWII, Palestine was, indeed, colonized. And no whimpering Zionist can convince me otherwise. However, it's a done deal. Why doesn't the West drop its mantle of righteousness, apologize for inconveniencing a bunch of horrendous, backward Palestinians and give them their own country...including the tasty bits in Jerusalem that they really want? And then, if they keep bombing Israelis, the entire country of Palestine can be obliterated. Right? I am so sick of living on the earth with this problem unresolved. Resolve it. If you have to obliterate millions of people to do it, fine with me. I've got mall shopping to do.

5. Why is George Bush suddenly figuring out that oil is the problem? And why is he the slowest dope on earth? And who are these millions of Americans who voted for him, twice? How stupid are they, really? And why do I live anywhere near them, never mind sharing the same government?

6. Arnold and his big ideas. Failures. Where's my fucking subway to somewhere?

7. Why gay people continue to file federal income tax returns is beyond me. Since gay people are not, usually, suffering in any great way, financially, and since gay people can vote, there really isn't much to do in the way of civil disobedience. However, gay people got cash. The only way to hurt this government is to refuse to give it any money. They'll feel it. If you're gay, why not put your house in a trusted relative's name and stop filing federal income tax returns?

8. San Diego has its problems. High in the suburban hills, one can hear the constant churn of freeway traffic.

9. The feminist movement was so quick and so effective. Why don't you women file away those torn ticket stubs from Brokeback Mountain that you all loved so much, and rally around the gay people and get us past this static hump?

10. Theatre is heart breaking. It could be so much more. Most of it panders and remains wretchedly timid and uninteresting.

11. That Grizzly Man was crazy. Bears like to eat nuts. What was so surprising?

12. Felicity Huffman is very talented.

13. Eating nonfat, plain yogurt every day keeps the good fauna going.

14. February is such a short month. It always feels like a sprint.

15. Why do writers in The New Yorker and now The LA Times, insist on using all those annoying Latin phrases, when they could just as easily use words like, "for services rendered" or "for free"?

16. There is nothing better than good chocolate.

17. When you die, you just return to the year before you were born. Don't sweat it. Think of it as going back in time. You'll feel so much younger.

18. Those wooden blinds for the New York apartment aren't going to order themselves. Get cracking.

19. If India and China are such economic threats, then why are those people so poor?

20. Will Joni ever put out another CD worth listening to?

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Dan said...

The thought of jails being flooded with tax-evading homosexuals sounds like an idea for a musical. You don't owe me anything if you run with it, just invite me opening night.

As for public transport, not sure if you or your readers saw this:,1,499387.story