Monday, February 20, 2006


You have to see it. My friend, Mary, suggested we go. I pushed for Cock and Bull, instead. How wrong was I!

The Matador:

1) Well acted
2) Funny
3) Great design
4) Writing was very good (though completely ridiculous and winking at itself)
5) Overlay themes keep you surprised
6) Fun, going to Mexico City
7) Great that Pierce Brosnan pulled this off
8) Hope Davis has a very layered hair cut

I have always been resistant to the work of P. Brosnan. Mostly because when I first moved here, I waited tables for a few weeks and five minutes before a lunch shift ended, Pierce waltzed in and lit a cigar and started a Chess game and we all had to wait around for him to finish before we could leave. It was so obvious that the restaurant should have been closed, but this big ego dude didn't care. It was upsetting.

The Matador

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