Friday, May 05, 2006

A Friday Blog


I will offer this, however. Sarah Schultz, from the old days, is here visiting her brother in Redondo Beach. She visits her brother a couple of times each year and during each trip usually comes here for a day and a night. Since Redondo Beach is on the Green Line and I live on the Red Line, she took public transportation (Green to Blue to Red) to get here yesterday. She particularly enjoyed waiting under the Freeway in Compton for the transfer to the Blue. It took an hour and a half. Let's pick up the pace, MTA.

When in LA


HelenBach said...

I love that! Tell her I say hi.

RebeccaW said...

I have a Compton t-shirt. It looks like the 'Beverly Hills 90210' logo, but instead it says 'Compton 90212' - or whatever Compton's zipcode is. I like it and I think it's funny, but I always wonder if it's racist so I never wear it. Most people around here don't know Compton.