Tuesday, May 16, 2006

What Does the Shadow Know?

Fresh comment from yesterday’s blog entry:

This is not new! All of this has been tried before, to wit....The Soviet Union, Nazi Germany and Japan and currently Red China.

Redistribution of wealth....your are nuts!

Now let’s use this as an example. Here is, most likely, a Right Wing person. Moniker: The Shadow. He found me on Robert Reich’s blog (in a comment from a friend of mine on that blog) and he popped over to me and lay in.

Look how righteous this person is. (S)he does not consider the facts of what I stated, which is no big deal, really. But what is interesting is the overreaction and righteous rage, using The Soviet Union and Nazi Germany as sledge hammers to my ideas. And if there are scared sheep around, I am sure they would listen to The Shadow. Soviets and Nazis are pretty scary to most Americans.

As far as the reference to Japan goes, I don’t quite get it. And Red China? Who says Red China any longer?

The final statement however, “Redistribution of wealth...you are nuts!” is really the one. First of all, redistribution of wealth happens every single day. The small wealth of average people gets kicked up to the hoovering wealth of rich people. And, as far as me being nuts goes, though this may be true, the attack on me as a person is the obvious tool of a righteous (wo)man. Sheep love to follow angry retort. It makes them feel alive, like they’re at a football game. So an attack by the righteous, again, keeps them on message. The believers on the Right side of our nation never waver from rage and righteousness.

Now, let’s use The Shadow’s method for our own gain, but with less emotion and more clarity, with an eye toward efficiency. We can simply say to the Shadow, “The Soviet Union and Nazi Germany were not efficient nations. The Soviets mismanaged the wealth of their entire populace and did not do anything to encourage incentive. Nazi Germany was SO inefficient, using the energy of the nation for expansionist war and genocide. Bad idea. As far as Japan and China are concerned, both of these nations have had varying degrees of success with their management of finances. Chinese citizens also efficiently know how to save money, which is reflected not only in their personal savings, but in the national psyche that has created a trade surplus. It is inefficient to use examples that have nothing to do with the efficient use of hard earned American dollars.

It is quite inefficient to redistribute wealth to the wealthy since these are the people who do not need any more money. Thus, not only are average citizens inconvenienced and forced to live inefficient lives of overwork and organ stress (which costs the nation more money, thus more inefficiency) but the funnels set up to move the money upward is also inefficient, as the money is being forced there unnaturally since nature, in its normal state, tries to balance things out by diffusion (maximizing entropy) and does not concentrate energy by pumping it to an already highly energetic place.

It is an inefficient use of language to call someone nuts when there is no basis for such a label. Misusing labels is always a waste of time and energy.

So, we can see here, that staying on message, calmly, efficiently, with no heed to righteous rage other than showing how much more efficiently one can use one’s energy.

Efficiency: clear, bright and unwavering. This is what is needed. It is understood by everyone. It is not sloppy. It cuts to the bottom line. It removes the fog of fear. It empowers. It lets people know that they are cared for and that their money is not being wasted.

Let’s get things lean and functional.

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RebeccaW said...

Yeah, and he needs to learn English. The logic here is irrefutable.