Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Paint and the Stubborn Jesus Fetishists

1) My Recognized-by-the-State-of-California-Domestic-Partner and I, Adam, painted our two front rooms over the past four days. It was purely maintenance. The old plaster walls were cracking in many places. The original paint job was eight years old. It was time. I like doing very physical work. It feels good for the body and the mind.

2) I applaud Christianity, and other very organized religions, for bearing the brunt of the load for helping people realize they can choose which aspects of their animal behaviors to enhance. Without any real Science, some people figured out that by repeating certain thoughts and rituals, they could train themselves to be kinder, more generous mammals. Must be good for the species. (It is interesting to note there are not many religions organized around ancient philosophers who were NOT charismatic. People like the charismatic, a reflection of the vanity of the crowd with a good dose of sheep mentality.) The Modern Era brought us psychology and the idea that an animal could better its behavior by using thought and ritual, (but not centered around a charismatic leader) is a very intelligent and interesting freedom. One can be in charge of oneself. And of course, this will all keep evolving. Why don't the religionists want to move forward?

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