Thursday, May 11, 2006

Leaving Los Angeles

I vowed today that I will not stay in Los Angeles any longer than necessary.

I drove from Marina Del Rey to North Hollywood.

It took almost two hours.

For those who don't know LA, it's about a twenty mile trip.
I mapped it on Yahoo Driving Directions. According to them, it should take twenty-one minutes. And true, it would take twenty-one minutes at 4AM.

And even at Rush hour, I'd be okay with forty minutes.

But close to two hours???

Why would anyone live like this?


RebeccaW said...

It's no different where I live. I'm sure it's different somewhere. Probably in a red state. No one wants to live there.

Jeff said...

Let's all move to Portual.

Heather said...

Two hours? I can drive halfway across the state. Unfortunately, I think last time we were a red state :(

Mr. H.K. said...

...Because you have a great home there?

Yer call!...