Friday, May 19, 2006


Nazis, not a good bunch. Tonight, we went with our very close friends to see the Klimts at LACMA. Story: Escaping the Nazis and getting the paintings long after

The paintings are so beautiful. Klimt is one of the originators of Modern Art. And when you look at them, you feel the great force of nature, human and otherwise. Never mind the incredible story of how they ended up here in Los Angeles. (Will the Nazi intrigue ever end?)

What is so wonderful is how the art survives. The beauty always lasts. The Nazis always die. No matter how hard they tried to sell it, their evil intent did not prevail.

Here’s some more evil intent. Click on the one with the girl blowing on the dandelion. It’s so eerie. You just won’t believe it:

CO2, Life

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Tim said...

Their is a scary similarity between Nazi propagand about the Jews and Fundamentalist Christian propaganda about gay folks. We are both infected and moral society needs to be protected.