Friday, July 21, 2006

America's Year of the Museum: Spotlight on Sarah Schultz

Why not check out Sarah Schultz, one of my oldest friends on the earth? You know, these little Quicktime videos online are going to be gems twenty years from now. Like watching a Steve McQueen movie. I love the production of this little piece which is part of a collection of museum celebration promotionals for America's Year of the Museum. And I love that Sarah, the last museum official of the piece and the director of education at the Walker, is mostly in voiceover, starting with a visual of Jackie O., and they don't cut to her until she's almost finished when she mentions the importance of using the voice. You have to wonder why, though. She looks so great with that long hair.

Also, I love how the whole thing is very earnest and forthright, which makes it all seem so venerable. And the directness gives it the tone of a Saturday Night Live skit about ernest, forthright, venerable museum people. It reminds me of that little cartoon elk that walked in the snow with classical music playing in the background in the 1970's---promoting real estate in The Poconos. Bravo.

Walker Arts Center

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