Monday, July 17, 2006

The Future is in Trains

Having passed the weekend by subway and by foot, I feel happy to be a part of the ever growing possibilities of living in the future Los Angeles.

Who wouldn't want to go to Rosemead if you could get there from Silver Lake on the
Metro Silver Line?

And look at all the ideas people have come up with for the future of Los Angeles:
The Transit Coalition

I particularly like the Westside Smorgasbord However, I would move the Crenshaw line two blocks West to La Brea and let it go all the way North to the Red Line.

It's going to happen. The Expo Line opens soon.

I can't wait to take it to Culver City, and then stand there in the middle of nowhere and wonder, "When is this thing going to go all the way to the beach?"

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