Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Gems of Ebay: Your Future Restaurant Awaits You!

My very close friends, Mary and Dan, and I, have begun a little theatre company called The New Theatre. It's actually very exciting though occasionally daunting. But what has been interesting is the fundraising. I thought I would hate it, but I kind of like it. You gather crap and sell it. You send letters to your friends and beg them for ten bucks. It's kind of funny. And in this manner, we have raised about Six-Thousand Dollars. Which is pretty good, considering six weeks ago we had zero.

And now these incredible gems are for sale. I cannot imagine anyone living without them. Don't miss your chance to own this lovely Limoges swag from Judge Judy. It's so frigging gorgeous, you take one look at it, you wish I was selling the whole lot.

And when you're done putting your pills away while contemplating justice, you can invite your friends over for a friendly card game and use this wonderful Fancy Poker Chips and Game Set from Judge Joe Brown.

How do you measure up? Buy this Golden Ruler from Judge Judy and find out for yourself.

There are so many things to sell. Every day. Look around your house, you can sell all of it. At our garage sale, our friend Bradford brought post-its. Guess what? They sold. People will buy anything! It's fantastic.

If you want to start a little endeavor and need a little nest egg, do what we did. Sell stuff on your lawn and ask your friends for nominal sums. You can take advantage of the fact that Americans refuse to save money. Of course, this means we will all have to work through old age or end up in the poor house. But there will be so many of us there it will be quite social.

We're up to 6k. 4 more and we'll be in amazing shape. Maybe I should sell time shares to the guest house in the backyard...

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