Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Liberty and Justice for All

Happy Independence from Independence Day. We had our first little dinner party in the apartment tonight with none other than the Chrissy (of Chrissy Caviar fame, Google) and her boyfriend, Dave. Both, Right Wing. Moderate. Not crazy. No more racist than I am. But, Dave IS in the Marines Reserves. And Chrissy, well, she’s Republican by birth.

From our fourth floor window, facing west, we could see the random fireworks over Manhattan and the even bigger (yet smaller appearing because of distance) fireworks over New Jersey. And eventually, listening to all that booming and since I do have the actor gene and I can play the moderate, I dove in!
The big questions to the Marine: Why didn’t we put enough people in Iraq to get it done? Answer: We did have enough, the Turks just didn’t let us use their country and so we couldn’t clean up the Northern Rebels.
Next: Why did they show us some stupid trucks and pretend they were filled with WMD?
Answer: The French and the Germans and the Chinese all agreed that they had WMD.
Next: Bush is so hated, and I admit, it’s mostly a gut reaction from people, they can’t stand looking at him. So, really, I think people are more against his style than his actions. He’s loathsome and plays so stupid. Don’t you think?
Answer: Clinton was a great speaker. After him, anyone would not look so good. Plus, half the country believes he stole the 2000 election so no matter what he does, they hate him.
Next: It’s quite a swing from LBJ’s Great Society to Neocons. It’s been hard to swallow. Don’t you think?
Answer: What is a Neocon? If Wolfowitz’s name was Smith, no one would call him a Neocon. He’s a genius. Saying that the government is controlled by Neocons, it’s the extension of the Jews controlling the media. Neocons are the new Jews.
Next: Well, I’m not Jewish, so, I didn’t go looking for the Jewish thing.
Answer: It’s there.

We did not get heated. In fact, I kind of respect the idea of the grand gesture, the Neocon bluster. Why not? It’s refreshing if not ridiculous. Go blow up a country, sure, why not? Have a great time. See where it ends up. End of empire, maybe?

We landed on a subject that we could definitely agree upon: the poor black folks and how are they ever going to change. And we both agreed that it had to come from within their own community.

Then, we packed up all the leftovers (If you are ever in Jackson Heights, order the chicken from Pio Pio. It’s Peruvian, it’s tasty, it’s cheap, it’s on the corner of 85th and Northern Blvd.) And Chrissy and Dave left the apartment with the food in a big bag, plus the bouquet of carnations Adam bought a couple of days ago.

It’s nice to stay home on Independence Day.


Mr. H.K. said...

It IS nice to stay home on Independence Day.

Me and the doggie stayed in with Hot Dogs and Beans in the microwave and I knocked off three more hours of Huff on Showtime on Demand in air conditioned comfort!

You would LOVE Huff! I just keep thinking that the whole timne I'm watching it..."Don would LOVE this show!"

Meanwhile, my own Blog is still blocked by Blogger's misguided Spam Block Thing from Hell...

Great seeing you here in NY... and hoping you and Adam have a safe trip home...

RebeccaW said...

Well, that just got my blood pressure up and it's only 8 o'clock in the morning here. Wolfowitz is no genius. They are a pack of maladjusted little boys. Paranoid, fearful bullies armed with the most deadly arsenal in human history. Not that much different than Osama, when you think about it. Happy Independence Day. I wish Maryland would secede.