Wednesday, March 25, 2009


It's mythical. It's filthy. It's beautiful. It's Jersey.

I grew up in New York State just a few feet from the New Jersey border. Though we were officially New Yorkers, we did most everything (okay, retail) in New Jersey.

I am here now, visiting my brother who hopped seven blocks--from the New York end of the neighborhood into the New Jersey end. I have to say, the New Jersey end is nicer. More upscale for sure. And certainly loaded with trees and birds.

There is a thrill about taking a train out of Manhattan. You know, everyone loves New York...but secretly, what everyone REALLY loves about New York is how easy it is to GET THE FUCK OUT when you need to and to GET THE FUCK IN when you've had enough of suburbia.

It's a thrill...New Jersey. There are real people here who plant trees for a living. I drank a whole bottle of home made wine. Sure, the grapes come from California...but these Jersey freaks make wine every year in their garage...I am all for it.

Look, we all know New Jersey has its own sense of cool. It's a grounded place. It's industrial as hell. There are some pretty fabulous suburbs. And the people are ready to rumble.

But really, what it's all's about these trains.


Anonymous said...

New Jersey is unfairly maligned by people who move to Manhattan to live out their Sex and the City fantasies.

And that fucking New Jersey Transit is incredible.

Cheryl said...

I love a good, easily-accessible suburb. All that parking! Too bad L.A. is so sprawling.

Todd HellsKitchen said...

I have friends that moved over there to buy houses in easy commuting distance of Manhattan...

Not for me, though