Sunday, July 07, 2013

After the Chairs July 10, 13 Evening, July 14 Afternoon

Hello Friends, Blog Readers, Random Searchers, Gay friendly fiends and those who like things inspired by Ionesco.

David Koteles, who had a cult smash with his Bald Diva (Based guessed it The Bald Soprano) has returned with AFTER THE CHAIRS, inspired by Ionesco's The Chairs, of course, but rather gay and wild and a few other things.

I am in this play. It's a two hander. Part of the Fresh Fruit Festival. This Wednesday evening is opening. Saturday evening it runs. And Sunday afternoon is closing...Three performances that may collide with an open slot in your calendar.

It has been completely enjoyable to work on. It's a wild, fun and challenging play and I am glad to take a crack at this kind of thing. It's up my tree.

Historical note: I acted in Paris for a while, was the King in Exit the King and had a long lunch with Eugene Ionesco and his wife. Interesting days. The absurdists were a despairing bunch. Thank goodness they were funny.

So come on down to the Lower East Side...and check it out...if your beachy summer permits. At the Wild Project as part of the Fresh Fruit Festival. 195 East Third Street. July 10 @ 7PM, July 13 @ 7PM, July 14 @ 4:30 PM

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