Monday, July 29, 2013

Love on Earth

One of the best things about New York (and one of the worst) is that there are people absolutely everywhere. (Hey you, get out from under my desk.)

But the good thing about seeing all these people all the time is the regularization of love. First of all, old timey bigots, there are so  many interracial couples walking around that I don't even think you can call them interracial any longer. I think what you have to say when you see a couple with differing melanin content is, "Hey, there goes a couple of people."

At dinner tonight, at a plain old restaurant, gay couples were sitting around. One guy leaned across the table to another guy, kissed him on the mouth to assert warmth and what looked like long-time comfort, and then they embarked on the plain old task of looking at their menu.

At a wedding recently (in someone's apartment) a verbose straight banker man, expat from Britain, effusively talked about his amazing wife (originally from Finland) who was, as it turns out, an Amazon of a transsexual. She was warm and fabulous. At one point, the banker did turn to us, drunk and said, "Yes, she's one of those..." as if it needed explaining. He was so in love with  his wife, one wonders how he could ever have lived without her in some oppressive regime such as, I don't know, 1990's Mississippi?

And there it all is---in addition to all the other people we are used to seeing all loving and hooked up. And funny, all you feel when you see all this love is good.

I have often felt annoyed when people have referred to gay relationships in a positive way saying, "Love is Love," because the truth is, at least for me, my sexual attraction was well in place before I felt any romantic love. I always wanted to say, "Get real, is about the sex, not so much about the love."  But I'm kind of immature.

But lately, during these warm summer nights...with everyone's flesh on display in every color, gender, and who-knows-what-else, all I see is love. And it's, well, it's just sweet. There's a simplicity and sweetness to it. It feels normal. And right. And lovely.

How did anyone ever think that any of any of that was ever a problem?

Be gone, all negative hexes and spells from before 2013.  Ah, lucky, lucky 13.

Love is all there is. Right? Sure. It's so easy.

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