Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ten Mid-July Questions

Why are the Chinese still smoking so much?

A fisherman once told me that all the guts of a fish are in its head...I know he's wrong, but why did he say that?

What is ink made out of these days?

If I am ugly and there is no one around to see it, am I beautiful?

Why do people accuse others of not seeing a situation intelligently for holding onto their cemented views while they are doing the exact same thing?

Is it really okay to accept the growth model?

I would love to bet against population growth and become rich on the short side, possible?

If life isn't fair, and it isn't, what is behind this need of Lefty people to even try to even things out?

As people recognize less facial cues as a result of time spent staring at screens, will they eventually become completely poker faced?

When we find life on other planets, would the best moral thing to do be to leave them alone?

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