Monday, July 15, 2013

Racial Profiling

I have to say, I wasn’t there that night when Z. killed our current poster child for race trouble.

Nor was I there when O.J. was flying around in his car, running away from the police.

Or when Rodney King…

Or when--

Or when--

Or when--

Or when—

Based on simple math, African American men are profiled more than any other kind of person in this country.  This appears to be a fact. Unless, of course, the liberal media is skewing the numbers.  ;)

I just wish there were cameras set up at every single point on earth so we could all be watched every second so there would never be any doubt about who did what. Then, we wouldn’t have to rely on what is, frankly, a ridiculous judicial system. I mean, really.

I hate the idea of being constantly recorded and monitored…or do I?

Scorched earth policy please. The old ways don’t work. Let pragmatism reign. Film it all. Discuss.

Optional Topic: When is it okay to kill someone?

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Tandava (Carol Henning) said...

Even with video, audio, transcripts, emails -- hard facts, one would think -- people will see what they want to see, believe what they need to believe.

Because if they believe anything different, their worlds will fall to little tiny pieces.