Tuesday, July 16, 2013


How it is, how it could be…

Rightly, I hear that even if we outlawed handguns, there are so many on the streets that it would be impossible to gather them all up.

So what?

So what if it would be impossible? Maybe not all of them would be collected. However, if it were illegal to carry a gun except for during hunting season, and you had to borrow that gun (sign it out), that could work. So there would be far fewer guns. And thus, fewer deaths by guns.

The second amendment is brutal and old.

In fact, it may be time for a new Constitution. Most new countries model their Constitution on Canada’s, not ours. Ours is old and hard to amend and does not guarantee enough rights from the get-go.

Wipe it clean. Make a new one. And get the guns out of it. That’s my vote.

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