Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Weiner Outrage

Men are simply writing this guy off as an official loser.

Women, too, are writing him off. But not without first screaming their fury.

Sexed up Weiner, sure, is a disaster. But why get so angry about it?

I believe women still are furious that men are, basically, pigs.

Can you be furious at a certain kind of animal because they are born with a flat nose, cloven hooves and a curly tail?  I guess so.

Ladies, Weiner is a disaster. Mostly because of his extremely poor judgment. But as far as his philandering in this no-flesh kind of way? I have a feeling you are barking up a tree that reminds you of some other trees. Sorry he hurt you.

I cannot apologize for the piggishness of men. It's just biology. Sure, a mind can oppress biological impulses. (Just ask the British how it's done.)  But that's actually not a favored state of mind.

My suggestion, and it has already been taken by a whole bunch of women: become pigs, too. Then, you won't even notice. Piggishness is bliss.

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