Monday, July 01, 2013

Them Millennials Won't Hunt

It warms my heart that the young adults of today do not like to drive, want to live in dense locations and pretty much are happy with a laptop/pad/phone.

If the lure of ownership dies a timely death…what will we have but people who are doing every single thing they can to live in a non-ownership world…The cycle will take off. It is the new economy.

And then, well, then it only gets better. Less fossil fuels. Less nature destroyed. Of course, electricity consumption will continue to increase. But these kids will be so busy figuring out how to make extremely efficient machines---that run on wind, water, air and sun---that it won’t be a problem.

It’s coming.

People who hold people back all have one thing in common: They are noncreative. Committed to the past and silly old habits of consumption, they drag the world down.

See you later, dogs. I’m going with the kids.

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