Sunday, April 26, 2015

Spring, New York, Let's Do It

Monday, April 13, 2015

Thursday, April 23 in Brooklyn at 8PM, 336 Third Street, Brooklyn: Funny Pages

Come on.
Five bucks
Six pieces
Funny stuff. Always.
Bring your Hyena-cancelling headphones, you're going to need them.

Nobody doesn't like to laugh.

I'm reading from my latest funny book.

Six of us total. The Old Stone House is fun. The neighborhood is full up with restaurants and bars.

There will be wine at the event. And snacks.

And everyone you like.


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Tuesday, April 07, 2015

72%--- Okay Supreme Court, Just Stamp It

72% of the population of the United States of America live in states where, if a couple made of any combination of two genders wants to marry, they can.

So the Supreme Court of this fine land really only has one thing to do. Rubber Stamp it...if you can call what the Supreme Court does rubber stamping.

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Oh Blogs!

There is something so over about blogs, so completely passe, almost like scratching a diary entry into sandstone in Cuneiform.

I began blogging, truly, in January of 2005. Now eleven years later, this crazy thing still exists.


Why not stop?

I have been working on a book and a play for most of the last twelves months. It has been completely enjoyable. We moved up to the northern woods of Manhattan on the bank of that mighty river--something I highly recommend and settled in. This was followed by a huge breath of relief. We were living in midtown Manhattan, which is simply too much on the system for anyone with ears, especially over an avenue as well used and jackhammered as Eighth.

So in the past year, I have blogged less, because, you know, I have been writing other things.

I kind of thought it would be great to just let the blog fizzle out...but I sort of can't let it.

There are some things...that are just perfect for the blog format.  For example:

A two to ten paragraph essay on almost anything that you feel strongly about, that does not need a ton of research. You just have to be clear. Show a couple of sides of the problem. Then sum it up.

One to eight great pictures that really catches the day. Posting them on Facebook does not feel important enough.

A review of anything.

An old diary entry.

Information about an upcoming show of anyone's at all.

There are few places online where these things work as well. Sure, no one goes to blogs and surfs around any longer. You need to put up a link to each entry on other social sites where all the people are: Twitter and Facebook and...   But once a blog link is clicked on--nothing looks cleaner. It's a one page flyer. A one page leaflet. A one page picture book.

And I still like it.

Call me Grandpa for still creating these entries. The aliens who are reading them out in space do.