Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Words Heard

While standing under these Cherry Blossoms in the park, I heard this from a nasal-strong woman power-walker telling her friend in a triumphant and dismissive tone:

His enhanced earnings are going to be phenomenal, so he's not suffering. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

They're Everywhere

Winter is back. But that Mini-mid-March-Spring left its mark in non-fruiting pear trees all over the city.

Enjoy this one from Central Park.

Monday, March 26, 2012

A Goat Visitation

Friday Night, we went for a walk and someone was walking their goat. They were entering Central Park at Columbus Circle. The goat had a leash, but at this point it was off-leash.

It makes sense to bring your goat into the park when you are in midtown. I mostly wondered where they came from. Queens? And they took the subway in?

The goat was very calm. Since I do love goats, I was very happy.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

BOX: 89% funded, but we seem to have Stalled

SO if you are READING this....maybe click the LINK Below...
Have a Nice Day. From the Bottom Up.
With Gratitude and Curiosity.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Early and Lovely

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BOX has been funded 86% in just under two weeks. Thank you all for contributing.

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring List

Sometimes, you want to get all clever when you blog, grab onto an attitude and then “go for it.”

I have noticed in my, yes, seven years of blogging (it feels like seven months, but then, I have no concept of time) that people relate more to the things that are less thought out and more to the stuff that is off the cuff.

Of course, it’s because people are DYING for honesty of any kind. And honesty happens more frequently when you are not so well thought out.

With that introduction, I bring you one of my “lists” that really has no need for introduction.

1)      As much as I like warm days in late winter, I prefer it when the temperature is 48 degrees and it’s a little misty. It feels fresh, like Paris, and the light is so good. More of that cool mist, please.

2)      As we are raising money for our indie short, BOX, I cannot believe how quickly and generously people have jumped up and jumped in. I am so grateful. Money may not be love---and it sure is, partially, time---but really, it’s faith. I am so honored that people have faith in what we are doing. Thank you.

3)      And now, I feel highly responsible to use those dollars wisely. So I don’t sleep. But this is not to push around any bad feelings. I never sleep. Until I do.

4)      I love the daffodils in Central Park. Not only because they are a jaunty yellow, but also because of their impermanence and their yearly reappearance.

5)      I never had children and I simply don’t care.

6)      I mean it.

7)      Jesus Christ Superstar is back on Broadway. I remember hearing that album for the first time. My father got it for free from some General Motors work thing. I loved it. The dissonance and exuberance. I can’t wait to see it again. I played certain songs over and over. My high school choir teacher was the original Mary Magdalene with Ben Vereen when it started in Philadelphia. She says she quit the play because she wanted to be a teacher. ___________  Fill in that blank. I was at a wedding ceremony once at the Hotel Bel-Air. Ben Vereen officiated.

8)      I love my husband. But that’s only because he’s so loveable.

9)      Come on Ugandan Episcopalians! Do something else!

10)   I wonder why Conservatives are so regressive in the name of fiscal austerity and personal morality. Poor dears. I understand not wanting to waste money. I understand doing the right thing.  So why did we spend all that money invading countries and killing all those people? And for the first time in history, lowered taxes instead of raising them while we did the killing?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

An Epidemic of Bald Vaginas

So this is what I found out tonight.

The young girls today are keeping it all shaved, all the way, all the time, down in their natural area.

I was surprised to learn this.  Not so much because I thought it was weird, but because it seems that I was the last one to know.

Trends are funny. I mean, I have had the same nest of hair (shrinking) and tattoo free body since the Sixties. I know, I know, hard to believe I've been around since then...but if you can't admit to a little bit o' the Johnson administration in your life, and you are a blog reader of mine, then you are probably lying.

But back to these vaginas. I would like to know---is it more about shaving or more about waxing?

And is it something that is smart to do so you can tell more what it is you are navigating into, a kind of practical practice? Or is it simply a sexy-visual thing?

Perhaps both?

God bless the vaginas. Whatever state they are in.

Friday, March 09, 2012

Box News

FRIENDS!  We have reached 12% of our goal in just two days. Exciting? Yes.
Check out all the latest news at our links below.

And Remember: Donation BOX is open 24 hours/Day at

Have a good weekend.


Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Someone Told Me

I am having a reading of A Good Smoke, once more, in New York for producers, etc. on Thursday.

An actor in the cast sent me an email telling me my play reminded him of the following poem.

I was flattered.

I am very glad that my play, after much noodling, still reminds someone of poetry.

I do like this poem.

                          POEM ENDING WITH A LINE
                                         FROM DANTE
                      Snow coming in parallel to the street,
     a cab spinning its tires (a rising whine
     like a domestic argument, and then
     the words get said that never get forgot),

     slush and backed-up runoff waters at each
     corner, clogged buses smelling of wet wool . . .
         The acrid anger of the homeless swells
     like wet rice.  This slop is where I live, bitch,

     a sogged panhandler shrieks to whom it may
     concern.  None who can hear him stall or turn,
     there's someone's misery in all we earn.
     But like a burr in a dog's coat his rage

     has borrowed legs.  We bring it home.  It lives
     like kin among the angers of the house,
             and has the same sad zinc taste in the mouth:
     And I have told you this to make you grieve.

                                                                     – WILLIAM MATTHEWS

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Wardrobe Choices

What are you wearing on Super Tuesday?

I think I’ll put on my cross-gender, carbon neutral, socialist leaning condom dress brought to you by Obamacare with a pouch for higher learning.