Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Alaska: Homer & Seward Pics, September, 2016

Alaska Photos

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Incest, with Animals on the Side: Two short Plays, August 25 at 8PM

Incest, with Animals on the Side

A reading of two short plays by Don Cummings

Don't Touch the Orangutan
The Horse Latitudes

Directed by Anne Etue


Loretta Fox, Don Cummings, David Kaufman
Hilary Schwartz, Madelynn Fattibene, John Marzilli and Ben Horwitz

Thursday, August 25
5571 W. Pico 90019 (At Curson)


Monday, July 25, 2016

Love Songs and Louise

Don    @  Muse on 8th
Monday, August 1   8PM   759 S. La Brea
Free          Muse on 8th
Arrive at 7:30 for ease of street parking

New Songs Added.  Vegetarian Food at Muse. Rascal, Before or After.

Hosted by the amazing Annie Boxell

Thursday, June 02, 2016

Spring Awakening June 16 - 19, Malibu Playhouse

Hello Friends:

You know, Spring Awakening is full of great music. And then there's the German Expressionistic play it was based upon: The Awakening of Spring by Frank Wedekind.  Did you know his play was based on his life experience of having two friends and a brother all commit suicide?  (Happy June!)

I encourage you to buy tickets. These kids can really sing. There is a full band. It's pretty cool. Plus, a visit to Malibu is better than a lot of other things. 

I, of course, am playing all the horrifying adult men. Being of one-eighth German descent, I feel well up to the task. Great Grandpa Dietrich flows through my veins.

Get your tix.

TICKETS:  http://springawakeningmalibu.bpt.me/